Current Affairs Apr 2015 Quiz - 2

11India has been ranked at _________ position in the list of 130 countries in the FM Global Resilience Index 2015 published in April 2015.
 A) 112th
 B) 119th
 C) 105th
 D) 82nd
12Which country secured No 1 position in the list of 130 countries in the FM Global Resilience Index 2015 published in April 2015?
 A) France
 B) Sweden
 C) Norway
 D) Germany

13Which state government has launched a new subsidised -Aahar- scheme on the occasion of the State-s Foundation Day in Apr 2015?
As a part of the scheme, four Aahar outlets each were opened in five towns to provide meal consisting of rice and Dalma at a subsidised rate with financial assistance from three State run corporations and Tata Steel.
 A) Jharkhand
 B) Odisha
 C) Bihar
 D) Telengana
14__________, the Director General of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In), has been appointed as India's first Cyber Security chief in Apr 2015.
 A) Gulshan Rai
 B) Arun Maira
 C) Sindhushree Khullar
 D) Ajay Shankar
15Which bollywood star was -honoured- with an honorary doctorate from the Egyptian Academy of Arts for his contribution to cinema in Apr 2015?
 A) Aamir Khan
 B) Amitabh Bachchan
 C) Shahrukh Khan
 D) Anupam Kher
16President of Peru Ollanta Humala appointed __________ as the new Prime Minister of Peru in Apr 2015.
 A) Ana Jar
 B) Pedro Cateriano
 C) Ana Jara Velásquez
 D) Alan García
17"International Day for Mine Awareness" is observed on?
 A) 5-Apr
 B) 21-Apr
 C) 15-Apr
 D) 4-Apr
18An Indian-American assistant professor, _________ was awarded with the Peltier Award for her innovative teaching methods in Apr 2015. One of her innovative practices is a game called "Baffa Baffa," where the goal is to have students understand culture's role in business and how it can affect transactions and relationships.
 A) Jaishree Odin
 B) Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
 C) Rajani Ganesh-Pillai
 D) Medha Yodh
19Who took additional charge of Mizoram and he was sworn in as 16th Governor of Mizoram in Apr 2015?
 A) Kalyan Singh
 B) Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala
 C) C. Vidyasagar Rao
 D) Keshri Nath Tripathi
20__________, an IIMC alumnus and one of the top mountaineers of the country has been found dead in the Andes Mountains between Argentina and Chile in Apr 2015.
 A) Harish Kapadia
 B) Malli Mastan Babu
 C) H. P. S. Ahluwalia
 D) Sonam Wangyal

11Ans) 119th
12Ans) Norway
13Ans) Odisha
14Ans) Gulshan Rai
15Ans) Amitabh Bachchan
16Ans) Pedro Cateriano
17Ans) 5-Apr
18Ans) Rajani Ganesh-Pillai
19Ans) Keshari Nath Tripathi
20Ans) Malli Mastan Babu

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