Current Affairs Apr 2015 Quiz - 11

101Who has taken over as the Chief Election Commissioner of India in Apr 2015? He will have tenure till July 2017.
 A) Harishankar Brahma
 B) V. S. Sampath
 C) Nasim Zaidi
 D) S. Y. Quraishi
102In a tragic on-field incident, former Under-19 captain of ________ and a promising batsman Ankit Keshri passed away due to an injury sustained during a one-day knock-out match in Apr 2015.
 A) Delhi
 B) Bihar
 C) West Bengal
 D) Haryana

103________ and Pakistan have signed a MoU for energy and infrastructure related projects to be built in Pakistan with USD 46 billion investment in Apr 2015.
 A) Russia
 B) China
 D) None of These
104A Japanese magnetic levitation train, also known as -Maglev- has broken its own world speed record after touching maximum speed of ________ in Apr 2015.
 A) 503 Km/hr
 B) 603 Km/hr
 C) 653 Km/hr
 D) 703 Km/hr
105An Egyptian criminal court sentenced ousted President _________ to 20 years in prison over his alleged order to fire on the protesters in 2012 and killing some of them in Apr 2015.
 A) Mohammed Morsi
 B) Abdel Fattah el?Sisi
 C) Hosni Mubarak
 D) Ahmed Shafik
106The Central government of India retained the rate of interest for General Provident Fund (GPF) at _______ for the fiscal year 2015-16, as per the latest notification issued by the Finance Ministry in Apr 2015. The rate of interest will be effective from 1st April 2015.
 A) 8%
 B) 8.5%
 C) 8.7%
 D) 9.5%
107Which State Government launched a project named as -Subodham- to help people in the state to stop addiction to liquor in Apr 2015?
 A) Haryana
 B) Kerala
 C) Himachal Pradesh
 D) Gujarat
108Former __________ Chief Minister and former Assam Governor Janaki Ballabh Patnaik passed away in Apr 2015.
 A) Bihar
 B) Odisha
 C) Jharkhand
 D) None of These
109"World Hemophilia Day" is observed on?
 A) 18-Apr
 B) 12-Apr
 C) 21-Apr
 D) 17-Apr
110Global credit rating agency Moody's has projected India's GDP growth at _______ for the current year 2015 in Apr 2015. It said that increased government's infrastructure and disinvestment programmes along with lower interest rates will drive growth for the country.
 A) 6.8%
 B) 7.2%
 C) 7.5%
 D) 8.1%

101Ans) Nasim Zaidi
102Ans) West Bengal
103Ans) China
104Ans) 603 Km/hr
105Ans) Mohammed Morsi
106Ans) 8.7%
107Ans) Kerala
108Ans) Odisha
109Ans) 17-Apr
110Ans) 7.5%

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