Current Affairs Apr 2015 Quiz - 10

91China's economic growth stood at __________ in the first quarter of 2015 compared to same quarter last year (announced in Apr 2015).
 A) 7.5%
 B) 6.2%
 C) 7%
 D) 7.7%
92Which Indian company has become the most profitable Indian company after posting net profit Rs 6,381 crore in the fourth quarter ending March this year in Apr 2015?
 A) Indian Oil Corp
 D) Reliance Industries

93Who has been appointed as Advisory Professor by the East China Normal University (ECNU), one of the prestigious universities in China, in Apr 2015?
 A) Azim Premji
 B) NR Narayana Murthy
 C) Vishal Sikka
 D) Shiv Nadar
94Who won women's title of Badminton Asia Championships 2015 held in the central city of Wuhan, China in Apr 2015?
 A) Nootsara Tomkom
 B) Ratchanok Intanon
 C) Li Xuerui
 D) Carolina Marin
95CPM leader __________was elected as the next general secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Apr 2015? With this, he became the fifth general secretary of CPI (M).
 A) Sitaram Yechury
 B) Prakash Karat
 C) V.S. Achuthanandan
 D) Buddhadeb Bhattacharya
96Vankadarath Saritha, a 30-year-old driver, became the first woman bus driver to be inducted in _________ in Apr 2015.
 A) Bangalore Transport Corporation
 B) Bombay Municipal Transport Corporation
 C) Delhi Transport Corporation
 D) Haryana Transport Corporation
97Who won men's title of Badminton Asia Championships 2015 held in the central city of Wuhan, China in Apr 2015?
 A) Wang Zhengming
 B) Tian Houwei
 C) Lin Dan
 D) Chen Long
98"World Intellectual Property Day" is observed on?
 A) 23-Apr
 B) 22-Apr
 C) 26-Apr
 D) 25-Apr
99_________ set a national youth record in boys- hammer throw event and won gold medal in the 12th National Youth Athletics Championships held in Bambolim, Goa in Apr 2015.
 A) Ashish Jakhar
 B) Manju Bala
 C) Sukhdev Singh
 D) None of These
100Who won the Bahrain Grand Prix held in Bahrain in Apr 2015?
 A) Lewis Hamilton
 B) Sebastian Vettel
 C) Nico Rosberg
 D) Nico Hulkenberg

91Ans) 7%
92Ans) Reliance Industries
93Ans) Vishal Sikka
94Ans) Ratchanok Intanon
95Ans) Sitaram Yechury
96Ans) Delhi Transport Corporation
97Ans) Lin Dan
98Ans) 26-Apr
99Ans) Ashish Jakhar
100Ans) Lewis Hamilton

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