Country/Currency – V Answers

61  ________ is a professional sport in Thailand Ans) Kite flying
62 Which country has 13 months in a year? Ans) Ethiopia
63 Which is the world’s principal producer of soyabean followed by Brazil and China? Ans) USA
64 Tiananmen Square is in which of the following countries? Ans) China
65 What is the old name of Taiwan? Ans) Formosa
66 Which of the following is not a neighboring state of Zimbabwe? Ans) Zaire
67 Which nation state in Europe had its security and justice operations overlooked by the UN since it declared independence,EU has taken over this position recently? Ans) Kosovo
68 Which country is called the “The Land of the Rising Sun?” Ans) Japan
69 The capital of Belgium is: Ans) Brussels
70 Of which country are Pashto and Dari the official languages? Ans) Afghanistan
71 The country topping global production of wool is: Ans) Australia
72 The capital of Bhutan is ___________ Ans) Thimphu
73 How many time zones are there in the USA? Ans) Four
74 The capital of Rwanda is: Ans) Kigali
75 The currency of Bhutan is Ans) Ngultrum



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