Country-Currency - 3

41Which is the professional sport in Thailand?
A) Soccer
B) Boxing
C) Football
D) Kite flying
42Which country has 13 months in a year?
A) Ethiopia
B) Estonia
C) East Timor
D) Eritrea
43What is the old name of Taiwan?
A) Batavia
B) Sam
C) Basutoland
D) Formosa
44Which country is called the -The Land of the Rising Sun?-
A) China
B) Germany
C) Japan
D) Australia
45The capital of Belgium is?
A) Brussels
B) Minsk
C) Manama
D) Sofia
46Of which country are Pashto and Dari the official languages?
A) Pakistan
B) Afghanistan
C) Bhutan
D) Turkey
47The country topping global production of wool is?
A) Australia
B) Argentina
D) China
48The capital of Bhutan is ___________
A) Thimphu
B) Bogota
C) Tbilisi
D) Tallinn
49How many time zones are there in the USA?
A) Four
B) Two
C) Three
D) Five
50The capital of Rwanda is:
A) Basseterre
B) Kigali
C) Mbabane
D) Lusaka
51The currency of Bhutan is
A) Pa-anga
B) Lira
C) Peso
D) Ngultrum
52The Grand Canyon is situated in which American state?
A) Nevada
B) Utah
C) Colorado
D) Arizona
53Which is the least populated country in the world?
A) Luxemburg
B) Zaire
C) The Vatican
D) Mongolia
54Abu Dhabi, where the fifth edition of the world future energy summit was held is the capital of?
C) Iraq
D) Iran
55What is the currency of South Korea?
A) Franc
B) Yuan
C) Yen
D) Won
56The concept of "Rainbow Nation" was given for which in the below list of countries?
A) South Africa
B) Japan
C) Malaysia
D) Thailand
57Which in the below list is the most densely populated country in South Asia?
A) Bangladesh
B) Thailand
C) Sri Lanka
D) Maldives
58Which in the below list is the most spoken mother tongue in the European Union?
A) English
B) French
C) German
D) Spanish
59In which year, Venezuela replaced its currency the Bolivar with "Bolivar fuerte" to fight inflation?
A) 2005
B) 2008
C) 2009
D) 2011
60Which country is known as Pearl of the Caribbean Sea?
A) Cuba
B) Mexico
C) Bahamas
D) Puerto Rico

Check below for Answers.........
41Ans) Kite flying
42Ans) Ethiopia
43Ans) Formosa
44Ans) Japan
45Ans) Brussels
46Ans) Afghanistan
47Ans) Australia
48Ans) Thimphu
49Ans) Four
50Ans) Kigali
51Ans) Ngultrum
52Ans) Arizona
53Ans) The Vatican
54Ans) UAE
55Ans) Won
56Ans) South Africa
57Ans) Bangladesh
58Ans) German
59Ans) 2008
60Ans) Cuba

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