Country-Currency – III Answers

31 The Senkaku island are group of disputed inhabited island between? Ans)China and Japan
32 Which country’s gold output of 30.88 tonnes was the highest in the world in 2010? Ans)China
33 What is the capital ofKuwait? Ans) KuwaitCity
34 Lira was the currency of which country before accepting Euro? Ans)Italy
35 Which country will host the Commonwealth Games 2014? Ans)Scotland
36 The currency ofBotswanais Ans)Pula
37 The capital ofIsraelis ______________. Ans)Jerusalem
38 Which is the least populated country in the world? Ans)The Vatican
39 Which is the largest coffee growing country in the world? Ans)Brazil
40 What is the capital ofChile? Ans)Santiago
41 Which is the largest oil producing nation inAfrica? Ans)Togo
42 Ethiopiawas formerly known as: Ans)Abyssinia
43 The capital ofIsraelis Ans)Jerusal
44 The currency ofItalyis ? Ans) Euro
45 Which of the following countries is also known as the Rainbow nation? Ans)South Africa

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