Country-Currency – II Answers

16  The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is Ans)USA
17  What is the currency ofMexico? Ans) Peso
18 What is the currency ofPortugal? Ans)Escudo
19  The workshop ofEuropeis Ans)Belgium
20  US has announced one of the largest weapon sales worth of USD 60 billion to Ans)Saudi Arabia
21  Which of the following nation is not a part of TAPI Gas pipeline projects? Ans)Afghanistan
22  With which countryIndiais exploring Shale gas reserve? Ans)USA
23   Which of the following country is invited to join BRIC recently Ans)South Africa
24 Name the first state inEuropeto ban the Burqa in public places. Ans)Belgium
25 Indiahas given Market Economy Status to which Country? Ans)Vietnam
26 Indiahas become the largest recipient of the World Bank Loans during fiscal ending June, 2010. The Country which followsIndiais- Ans)Mexico
27  Which of the following is the largest exporter of Tea? Ans)China
28  “Majlis” is the parliament of which of the following countries? Ans)Iran
29  Which of the following countries having World’s Largest Uranium Reserves? Ans)Australia
30  Which of the following is the smallest country of the world? Ans)Vatican

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