Books Authors 2

31"The Diary of A Young Girl" is written by?
A) Rachel Carson
B) Anita Desai
C) Daphne Du Maurier
D) Anne Frank
32Who is the author of 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'?
A) Saul Bellow
B) Richard Bach
C) V. S. Naipaul
D) Salman Rushdie
33 "The Masque of Africa" is written by whom?
A) V.S. Naipul
B) Sara dubow
C) Tony blair
D) Stephan king
34"Burning Bright: Irom Sharmila and the Struggle for Peace in Manipur" has been written by
A) Arundhati Ray
B) Deepti Priya Mehrotra
C) Shivani Jain
D) None of these
35Anant Pai, better known as -Uncle Pai-, was the creator of which among the following comic series?
A) Chacha Choudhary
B) Amar Chitra katha
C) Chandamama
D) Indrajaal
36Who is the author of the book "Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India"?
A) Joseph Lelyveld
B) Joseph Ponting
C) Hugh Grant
D) Vikram Seth
37Who is author of "The White Tiger"?
A) Khushwant Singh
B) Arvind Adiga
C) Karan Bajaj
D) Vikram Seth
38Who authored "My Friend Sancho"?
A) Vikram Seth
B) Arundhati Roy
C) Amit Varma
D) Amitav Ghosh
39Who authored "Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits"?
A) APJ Abdul Kalam
B) Khushwant Singh
C) Prahlad Kakkar
D) Kiran Desai
40Who is author of "The Silent House"?
A) Carmen Naranjo
B) Fernando Contreras Castro
C) Alfonso Chase
D) Orhan Pamuk
41Who is the author of "Brida"?
A) Paulo Coelho
B) John Grisham
C) Nikita Lalwani
D) Nisha Minhas
42Who is the author of "Macbeth"?
A) Henry Fielding
B) William Shakespeare
C) Samuel Richardson
D) Laurence Sterne
43Who authored "The Satanic Verses"?
A) Vikram Seth
B) Khushwant Singh
C) Amitav Ghosh
D) Salman Rushdie
44Who authored "Black Swan"?
A) Kiran Desai
B) Salman Rushdie
C) Amitav Ghosh
D) Nassim Nicholas Talab
45Who authored "A Bend in the River"?
A) Vikram Seth
B) Salman Rushdie
C) Khushwant Singh
D) V. S. Naipaul
46Who authored "War and Peace"?
A) Leo Tolstoy
B) Alexander Pushkin
C) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
D) Mikhail Sholokhov
47Who authored "Keep off the Grass"?
A) Salman Rushdie
B) Vikram Seth
C) Karan Bajaj
D) Farookh Dhondy
48An Indian American cancer specialist, his first book 'The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer' has been rated among 'The 10 Best Books of 2010' by the New York Times. Name the Indian American.
A) Tulasi Polavarapu
B) Siddhartha Mukherjee
C) Dinesh D'Souza
D) Ravi Batra
49The author of the book "India Wins Freedom" is ?
A) Kuldeep Nayyar
B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
C) Jawaharlal Nehru
D) Indira Gandhi
50Who is the author of a collection of poems called "Golden Threshold"?
A) Aruna Asaf Ali
B) Annie Besant
C) Sarojini Naidu
D) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
51Romancing with Life' is a book written by whom?
A) Dilip Kumar
B) Debasheesh Dutta
C) Dev Anand
D) Amitabh Bachchan
52Who is the author of "Johnny gone Down"?
A) Karan Bajaj
B) Amitav Ghosh
C) Kiran Desai
D) Salman Rushdie
53Author of "Around the World in Eighty Days"?
A) DBC Pierre
B) Charles Dickens
C) Jules Verne
D) Michael Palin
54Who is author of "Catch 22"?
A) Ernest Hemmingway
B) James Baldwin
C) Joseph Heller
D) Jack London
55Who is the author of "Lajja"?
A) Arundhati Roy
B) Shobha De
C) Taslima Nasreen
D) Anita Desai
56Who is author of "Voyage of the Beagle"?
A) Charles Darwin
B) Charles Dickens
C) David Almond
D) David Attenborough
57Author of "The Binding Vine"?
A) Salman Rushdie
B) Shashi Tharoor
C) Shashi Deshpande
D) Anita Desai
58Author of  "The Inheritance of Loss"?
A) Amit Verma
B) Kiran Desai
C) Arvind Adiga
D) Amit Chaudhuri
59Who is the author of "The Jungle Book"?
A) Timothy Ash
B) Rudyard Kipling
C) John Arden
D) John Ash
60Who is the author of "The Circle of Reasons"?
A) Amitav Ghosh
B) Salman Rushdie
C) Vikram Seth
D) Khushwant Singh

Check below for the answers...
31Ans) Anne Frank
32Ans) Richard Bach
33Ans) V.S. Naipul
34Ans) Deepti Priya Mehrotra
35Ans) Amar Chitra katha
36Ans) Joseph Lelyveld
37Ans) Arvind Adiga
38Ans) Amit Varma
39Ans) Prahlad Kakkar
40Ans) Orhan Pamuk
41Ans) Paulo Coelho
42Ans) William Shakespeare
43Ans) Salman Rushdie
44Ans) Nassim Nicholas Talab
45Ans) V. S. Naipaul
46Ans) Leo Tolstoy
47Ans) Karan Bajaj
48Ans) Siddhartha Mukherjee
49Ans) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
50Ans) Sarojini Naidu
51Ans)  Dev Anand
52Ans) Karan Bajaj
53Ans) Jules Verne
54Ans) Joseph Heller
55Ans) Taslima Nasreen
56Ans) Charles Darwin
57Ans) Salman Rushdie
58Ans) Kiran Desai
59Ans) Rudyard Kipling
60Ans) Amitav Ghosh