Books and Authors – II Answers

16 Who among the following is the author of “An inconvenient Truth” Ans)Al Gore
17  “My Experiments with Truth” is an autobiography of which Indian leader? Ans)Mahatma Gandhi
18  Who is the author of “Paradise Lost”? Ans)John Milton
19  Who among the following is/was the author of the famous book “Chronicles of Narnia”? Ans)  C S Lewis
20 “India: From the Mid night to the Millennium” has been authored by Ans) Shashi Tharoor
21 “A beautiful mind” Biography authored by Ans) Sylvia Nasar
22  The well known book ” The rediscovery of India” has been written by ? Ans) Vikram Seth
23  Who is the Author of the book “My China Diary?” Ans) Natwar Singh
24  The Harry Potter series is written by Ans) J K Rowling
25 Which of the following personalities is the author of “Jeh: A Life of JRD Tata”? Ans) BK Dadabhoy
26  On whose novel has Satyajit Ray’s classic “Pather Panchali” been based? Ans)Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay
27  What was the real name of Lewis Carol, the author of “Alice in Wonderland”? Ans) Charles Dodgson
28  Name the fictional sleuth who is the creation of Satyajit Ray? Ans) Feluda
29  Which Prime Minister wrote “The labour Governement & a personal record and the Governance of Britian”? Ans) Herald Wilson
30  ” Turnaround &  A Public Sector Story” by Shiv Malik is a recent book on which PSU? Ans) MMTC

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