Banking – III Answers

31 Who is the new executive director of RBI? Ans) G Padmanabhan
32 Which of the following banks recently announced the appointment of C. Jayaram and Mr. Dipak Gupta, as Joint Managing Directors with effect from July 21, 2011? Ans) Kotak Mahindra Bank
33 Which of the following banks has signed a service agreement with Times of Money,India’s leading e-payments service provider to offer remittance solutions to NRIs in selected countries? Ans) South Indian Bank
34 Who is the new Chief Financial Officer of SBI? Ans) Diwakar Gupta
35 Which of the following banks has won the Asian Banker’s ‘Best Retail Bank inIndia’ award this year? Ans) HDFC
36 Who is the new Deputy Governor of RBI? Ans) Anand Sinha
37 Who is the new SBI chairman? Ans) Pratip Chaudhuri
38 Which of the following banks has tied up with Diebold to upgrade ATMs for visually challenged Ans) HDFC
39 Which Indian Bank is looking to acquire a bank inIndonesiaand has set aside more than $100 million for the purchase? Ans) SBI
40 Who is the new director of SBI? Ans) G D Nadaf
41 The Reserve Bank ofIndiahas decided to increase the daily cash withdrawal limit for ATMs to? Ans) 1 lakh
42 Which Indian bank has won the prestigious Asian Banker Achievement Award for being the strongest bank in Asia Pacific region, awarded by the Asian Banker magazine? Ans) State Bank ofIndia
43 Magyar Nemzeti is the Central Bank of Ans)Hungary
44 In which year were banks inIndianationalized? Ans) 1969
45 When was the Reserve Bank ofIndiaestablished? Ans) April 1935

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