Anna Hazare starts his fast for strong Lokpal Bill Political parties debated Lokpal Bill

Social Activist Anna Hazare has started his 3-day long fast today in Mumbai for a strong Lokpal Bill in order to remove corruption from the country, while the ruling party Congress and Opposition parties including BJP and CPM have started their debate regarding a strong  Lokpal Bill in Parliament today. There were lots of differences among the parties which are expected to make it difficult for a smooth approval of the Government drafted Lokpal Bill in the Parliament within next two days.

At the same time, Anna Hazare has appealed his supporters to be ready for the final battle and warned all the MPs who are supporting the weak Lokpal Bill drafted by the government. He also said to campaign against all the political leaders in the upcoming assembly poll of 5 states who won-t support the strong Lokpal Bill.

Parliament will work during next two days and expected to approve the Lokpal bill after some consensus among the political parties, which seems to be very difficult at this stage. All the country are now looking forward for a strong Lokpal Bill to remove corruption from the country and betting on his anti-corruption movement.