Abbreviations used in Banking Industry

ABCIAssociation of Business Communicators of India
ABCPAsset Backed Commercial Paper
ACFAuto Correlation Function
ACUAsian Clearing Union
ADAuthorized Dealer
ADBAsian Development Bank
ADFAugmented Dicky Fuller
ADRAsset Development Reserve
ADRsAmerican Depository Receipts
ADsAuthorised Dealers
AERAAirport Economic Regulatory Act
AFIAnnual Financial Inspection
AFSAnnual Financial Statement
AFSAvailable For Sale
AGMAnnual General Meeting
AIFIAll India Financial Institution
AIMSCSAdvanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
AIRCSCAll India Rural Credit Survey Committee
ALMAsset Liability Management
AMAAdvanced Measurement Approach
AMFIAssociation of Mutual Funds in India
AMLAnti-Money Laundering
AMUAsian Monetary Unit
ANBCAdjusted Net Bank Credit
AOAdditive Outliers
APSAnnual Policy Statement
ARAuto Regression
ARIMAAuto Regressive Integrated Moving Average
ASAccounting Standard
ASSOCHAMAssociated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
ATMAutomated Teller Machine
BAFTBankers- Association for Finance & Trade
BankAccounts, RBI
BCBusiness Correspondent
BCBSBasel Committee on Banking Supervision
BCPBusiness Continuity Planning
BCSBIBanking Codes and Standards Board of India
BEBudget Estimates
BFBusiness Facilitator
BFSBoard for Financial Supervision
BFSIBanking Financial Services and Insurance
BISBank for International Settlements
BMPBasic Management Programme
BOIBank of India
BoPBalance of Payments
BPLRBenchmark Prime Lending Rate
BPM5Balance of Payments Manual, 5th edition
BPSDBalance of Payments Division,DESACS, RBI
BPSSBoard for Regulation and Supervision of Payment and Settlement Systems
BRBNMPLBharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited
BSABilateral Swap Arrangements
BSCSBasel Committee on Banking Supervision
BSEBombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai
BSRBasic Statistical Returns
BTCBankers- Training College
CAConcurrent Audit
CABCollege of Agricultural Banking
CACPCommission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
CADCapital Account Deficit
CADCurrent Account Deficit
CAGController and Auditor General of India
CAMELSCapital Adquacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, Systems and Control
CASCentral Account Section
CBDTCentral Board of Direct Taxes
CBLOCollateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation
CBSConsolidated Banking Statistics
CBSCore Banking Solutions
CCCash Credit
CCBCentral Co-operative Bank
CCCCentral Complaints Committee
CCILClearing Corporation of India Limited
CCRCounterfeit Currency Report
CCRSCurrency Chest Reporting System
CDCertificate of Deposit
CDCurrency Deposit
CD RatioCredit Deposit Ratio
CDBMSCentralised Data Base Management System
CDBSCommittee of Direction on Banking Statistics
CDOsCollateralised Debt Obligations
CDRCorporate Debt Restructuring
CDSCredit Default Swap
CENVATCentral Value Added Tax
CFCompany Finance
CFMSCentralised Funds Management System
CFRACombined Finance and Revenue Accounts
CFSACommittee on Financial Sector Assessment
CFTCombating Financing of Terrorism
CGFTMSECredit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises
CGRACurrency and Gold Revaluation Account
CICCentral Information Commission
CICsCredit Information Companies
CIIConfederation of Indian Industries
CISCommonwealth of Independent States
CMCPSCompulsorily and Mandatorily Convertible Preference Shares
CMISCurrency Management Information System
COCapital Outlay
CoBoSACCorporate Bonds and Securitisation Advisory Committee
CODsCentral Office Departments
CoRCertificate of Registration
CPCommercial Paper
CPADSCentralised Public Accounts Department System
CPCCheque Processing Centre
CPDOCentralised Public Debt Office
CPFFCommercial Paper Funding Facility
CPIConsumer Price Index
CPI-ALConsumer Price Index Agricultural Labourers
CPI-IWConsumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
CPIOCentral Public Information Officer
CPI-RLConsumer Price Index Rural Labourers
CPIsConsumer Price Indices
CPMGCorporate Performance Monitoring Group
CPPCCentral Pension Payment Cell
CPSEsCentral Public Sector Enterprises
CRContingency Reserve
CRCapital Receipts
CRARCapital to Risk Weighted AssetRatio
CRCSCentral Registar of Co-operative Societies
CRRCash Reserve Ratio
CSAAControl Self-Assessment Audit
CSDCustomer Services Department
CSFConsolidated Sinking Fund
CSGLConstituant Subsidiary General Ledger
CSIRCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSOCentral Statistical Organisation
CTRCash Transaction Receipt
CTSCheque Truncation System
CTSComplaint Tracking System
CVCCentral Vigilance Commission
CVDCountervailing Duty
CVPSCurrency Verification and Processing System
CWCCentral Water Commission
DADDeposit Accounts Department
DAPDevelopment Action Plan
DAPDistrict Agricultural Plan
DAPMDepartment of Administration and Personnel Management
DBODDepartment of Banking Operations and Development
DBSDepartment of Banking Supervision, RBI
DCADepartment of Company Affairs, (Now known as Ministry of Companies Affairs, MCA) Government of India
DCBDemand Collection and Balance
DCCDistrict Consultative Committee
DCCBDistrict Central Cooperative Bank
DCMDepartment of Currency Management, RBI
DDDemand Draft
DDSData Dissemination Standards
DEAPDepartment of Economic Analysis and Policy
DEBCDepartment of Expenditure and Budgetary Control
DEIODepartment of External Investments and Operations
DEPBDuty Entitlement Pass Book
DESACSDepartment of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services, RBI
DGBADepartment of Government and Bank Accounts
DGCI&SDirectorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
DIDirect Investment
DICDistrict Industries Centre
DICGCDeposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
DIDDischarge of Internal Debt
DIPDisclosure and Investor Protection
DITDepartment of Information Technology
DMADepartmentalized Ministries Account
DMISDocument Management Information System
DNBSDepartment of Non-Banking Supervision
DOCDepartment of Communication
DoTDepartment of Telecommunication
DRGDevelopment Research Group
DRIDifferntial Rate of Interest Scheme
DRIDifferential Rate of Interest
DRTDebt Recovery Tribunal
DSDifference Stationary
DSBDesignated Settlement Banks
DSBBDissemination Standards Bulletin Board
DSIMDepartment of Statistics and Information Management
DVPDelivery versus Payment
DvPDelivery versus Payment
EACBEuropean Association of Co-operative Banks
EBTElectronic Benefit Transfer
ECBEuropean Central Bank
ECBsExternal Commercial Borrowings
ECGCExport Credit and Guarantee Corporation
ECGCExport Credit Guarantee Corporation
ECRExport Credit Refinance
ECSElectronic Clearing Scheme
EDMUExternal Debt Management Unit
EEAExchange Equalization Account
EECEuropean Economic Community
EEFCExchange Earners- Foreign Currency
EFRExchange Fluctuation Reserve
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EMEsEmerging Market Economies
EOUExport Oriented Unit
EPCGExport Promotion Capital Goods
EPFEmployees Provident Fund
ESOSEmployees Stock Option Scheme
EUEuropean Union
EXIM BankExport Import Bank of India
FAOFood & Agriculture Organisation
FAQsFrequently Asked Questions
FATFFinancial Action Task Force
FBTFringe Benefit Tax
FCFinancial Conglomerate
FCAsForeign Currency Assets
FCCBForeign Currency Convertible Bond
FCIFood Corporation of India
FCNR(B)Foreign Currency Non-resident (Banks)
FCNRAForeign Currency Non-resident Account
FCNRDForeign Currency Non-Repatriable Deposit
FDIForeign Direct Investment
FEDForeign Exchange Department
FEDAIForeign Exchange Dealers- Association of India
FEMAForeign Exchange Management Act
FIFinancial Institution
FICCIFederation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
FIEOFederation of Indian Export Organisation
FIIsForeign Institutional Investors
FIMMDAFixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
FIPBForeign Investment Promotion Board
FISIMFinancial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
FITLFunded Interest Term Loan
FIU-INDFinancial Intelligence Unit- India
FLASForeign Liabilities and Assets Survey
FLCCsFinancial Literacy and Credit Counselling Centres
FMCGFast Moving Consumer Goods
FMDFinancial Markets Department
FOFFlow Of Funds
FPIForeign Portfolio Investment
FPSFocus Product Scheme
FRAForward Rate Agreement
FRBMFiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003
FRBsFloating Rate Bonds
FRLFull Reservoir Level
FRLsFiscal Responsibility Legislations
FRNFloating Rate Note
FSBFinancial Stability Board
FSFFinancial Stability Forum
FSSFarmers- Service Societies
FSTFinancial Sector Technology
FVCIsForeign Venture Capital Investors
FWGFirst Working Group on Money supply
G SecGovernment Securities
GCCGulf Cooperation Council
GCCsGeneral purpose Credit Cards
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDRsGlobal Depository Receipts
GFCEGovernment Financial Consumption Expenditure
GFDGross Fiscal Deficit
GFSGovernment Finance Statistics
GFSRGlobal Financial Stability Report
GICGeneral Insurance Corporation
GIPSAGeneral Insurer-s (Public Sector) Association of India
GLSGeneralized Least Squares
GNIEGovernment Not Included Elsewhere
GoIGovernment of India
GPDGross Primary Deficit
GRFGuarantee Redemption Fund
GSDPGross State Domestic Product
GSTGoods and Services Tax
HDFCHousing Development Finance Corporation
HFCsHousing Finance Companies
HFTHeld For Trading
HICPHarmonised Index of Consumer Prices
HLACHigh Level Advisory Committee
HLCCFMHigh Level Coordination Committee on Financial Markets
HLGHigh Level Group
HOHead Office
HRHuman Resources
HRDDHuman Resources Development Department
HRMSHuman Resources Management System
HSUIHousing Start Up Index
HTMHeld to Maturity
HUDCOHousing & Urban Development    Corporation
IASIntegrated Accounting Systems
IASCInspection and Audit Sub-Committee
IBAIndian Banks- Association
IBRDInternational Bank for  Reconstruction and Development
IBSInternational Banking Statistics
ICACInternational Cotton Advisory Committee
ICAIInstitute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICARIndian Council for Agricultural Research
ICCOMSIntegrated Computerised Currency Operations and Management System
ICICIIndustrial Credit and Investment    Corporation of India
ICMRIndian Council of Medical Research
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
IDBIndia Development Bonds
IDBIIndustrial Development Bank of India
IDDIndustrial Development Department
IDMDInternal Debt Management Department
IDRIndian Depository Receipt
IDRBTInstitute for Development & Research in Banking Technology
IEMIndustrial Entrepreneurs Memoranda
IESIntegrated Establishment System
IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural    Development
IFC(W)International Finance Corporation (Washington)
IFCIIndustrial Finance Corporation of India
IFRInvestment Fluctuation Reserve Account
IFSInternational Financial Statistics
IGIDRIndira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
IGLSIterative Generalized Least Squares
IIAInstitute of Internal Auditors
IIBIIndustrial Investment Bank of India
IIBMIndian Institute of Bank Management
IIFCLIndia Infrastructure Finance Company Limited
IIFTIndian Institute of Foreign Trade
IIPIndex of Industrial Production
IIP/InIPInternational Investment Position
ILOInternational Labour Organisation
IMAInternal Models Approach
IMDIndia Millennium Deposits
IMDIndia Meteorological Department
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMFCInternational Monetary and Financial Committee
INRIndian Rupee
IODPIntegrated Officers Development Programmes
IOTTInput-Output Transaction Table
IPInterest Payment
IPAsIssuing and Paying Agents
IPCCInter-Govermental Panel on Climate Change
IPCsIrrevocable Payment Commitments
IPDIsInnovative Perpetual Debt Instruments
IPOsInitial Public Offerings
IP-RRInterest Payment-Revenue Receipt
IRBInternal Ratings Based
IRBIIndustrial Reconstruction Bank of    India
IRDAInsurance Regulatory and Development Authority
IRFsInterest Rate Futures
ISAInformation Systems Audit
ISACAInformation Systems Audit and Control Assessment
ISDAInternational Swaps and Derivative    Association
ISICInternational Standard Industrial     Classification
ISMSInformation Security Management System
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ITInformation Technology
IT-BPOInformation Technology - Business Process Outsourcing
ITEsIntra Group Transactions and Exposures
ITRSInternational Transaction Reporting     System
IWGEDSInternational Working Group on    External Debt Statistics
IWMPIntegrated Watershed Management Programme
JLGJoint Liability Group
JNNURMJawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
KCCsKisan Credit Cards
KVIBsKhadi and Village Industries Boards
KVICKhadi and Village Industries Commission
KYCKnow Your Customer
LAFLiquidity Adjustment Facility
LAMPSLarge sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies
LASLoan & Advances by States
LBLowest daily outstanding Balance
LBDLand Development Bank
LBSLocational Banking Statistics
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LERMSLiberalised Exchange Rate Management System
LIBORLondon Inter-Bank Offer Rate
LICLife Insurance Corporation of India
LOILetter of Intent
LPALong Period Average
LSLevel Shift
LTLong Term
LTOLong Term Operation
M1Narrow Money
M3Broad Money
MAMoving Average
MASIManagement Audit Systems Inspection
MATMinimum Alternate Tax
MBSMortgage Backed Securities
MFMutual Funds
MFDEFMicro Finance Development and Equity Fund
MFDFMicro Finance Development Fund
MFIMicro Finance Institution
MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MIGAMultilateral Investment Guarantee     Agency
MISManagement Information System
MMAMacro Management of Agriculture
MMBCSMagnetic Media Based Clearing System
MMMFsMoney Market Mutual Funds
MMSMulti Modal Settlements
MMSEMinimum Mean Squared Errors
MODVATModified Value Added Tax
MoFMinistry of Finance
MOFMaster Office File
MoUMemorandum of Understanding
MPDMonetary Policy Department
MPIMacro-Prudential Indicators
MPLSMulti Protocol Label Switching
MRMMonitoring and Review Mechanism
MSE-CDPMicro and Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme
MSEsMicro and Small Enterprises
MSMEsMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
MSOEMinimum Standards of Operational Efficiency
MSPMinimum Support Price
MSSMarket Stabilisation Scheme
MTMail Transfer
NABNew Arrangement to Borrow
NABARDNational Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NAC(LTO)National Agricultural Credit (Long    Term Operatiion)
NAIONon Administratively Independent Office
NASNational Account Statistics
NASSCOMNational Association of Software and Services Companies
NASSCOMNational Association of Software and Services Companies
NAVNet Asset Value
NBCNon-Banking Companies
NBFCNon Banking Financial Companies
NBFC-DDeposit taking NBFC
NBFC-NDNon deposit taking NBFC
NBONational Building Organisation
NCRNational Capital Region
NDANet Domestic Asset
NDSNegotiated Dealing System
NDS-OMNegotiated Dealing System - Order Matching
NDTLNet Demand and Time Liability
NECNot Elsewhere Classified
NECSNational Electronic Clearing System
NEERNominal Effective Exchange Rate
NEFTNational Electronic Funds Transfer
NFANon-Foreign Exchange Assets
NFANet Foreign Assets
NFDNet Fiscal Deficit
NFSNational Financial Switch
NFSMNational Food Security Mission
NGONon-Governmental Organization
NHBNational Housing Bank
NHBNational Housing Bank
NIBMNational Institute of Bank Management
NICNational Informatics Centre
NIFNote Issuance Facility
NIFNational Investment Fund
NIMSMENational Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
NIPFPNational Institute of Public Finance and Policy
NNMLNet Non-Monetary Liabilities
NOCNo Objection Certificate
NOFNet Owned Funds
NPANon-Performing Assets
NPAsNon-Performing Assets
NPCINational Payments Corporation of India
NPDNet Primary Deficit
NPRBNet Primary Revenue Balance
NPSNew Pension Scheme
NPVNet Present Value
NR(E)RANon-Resident (External) Rupee Account
NR(E)RANon-Resident (External) Rupee Account
NR(NR)RANon Resident (Non Repatriable) Rupee
NRAANational Rain Fed Area Authority
NRENon-Resident External
NREGSNational Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
NRGNon-Resident Government
NRINon-Resident Indian
NRRDANational Rural Road Development Agency
NSCNational Statistical Commission
NSENational Stock Exchange
NSMNote Sorting Machine
NSSFNational Small Savings Fund
NSSONational Sample Survey Organisation
OBCsOther Backward Classs
OBEOff-Balance Sheet Exposures
ODOver Draft
ODAOfficial Development Assistance
ODIOffshore Derivative Instruments
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OFIOther Financial Institutions
OLTASOnLine Tax Accounting System
OLTASOnline Tax Accounting System
OMOOpen Market Operations
OMSOpen Market Sales
OPECOrganisation for Petroleum Exporting Countries
ORFSOnline Returns Filing System
OSCBOther Indian Scheduled     Commercial Bank
OSMOSOff-Site Monitoring and Surveillance
OTSOne-Time Settlement
PACFPartial Auto Correlation Function
PACSPrimary Agriculture Credit Societies
PADPublic Accounts Department
PANPermanent Account Number
PCAPrompt Corrective Action
PCARDBPrimary Cooperative Agriculture  and Rural Development Bank
PCPSPerpetual Cumulative Preference Shares
PDPrimary Deficit
PDAIPrimary Dealers Association of India
PDIPerpetual Debt Instruments
PDOPublic Debt Office
PDsPrimary Dealers
PDSPublic Distribution System
PEPrivate Equity-Negotiated Dealing System
PESPublic Enterprises Survey
PFProvident Fund
PFCEPrivate Final Consumption Expenditure
PFRDAPension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
PGPBFPost Graduate Programme in Banking & Finance
PIOPersons of Indian Origin
PITPersonal Income Tax
PMEGPPrime Minister Employment Generation Programme
PMLAPrevention of Money Laundering Act
PMRYPrime Minister-s Rojgar Yojana
PNBPunjab National bank
PNCPsPerpetual Non-Cumulative Preference Shares
POPrincipal Office
POLPetroleum, Oil and Lubricants
PPPPublic Private Partnership
PRBPrimary Revenue Balance
PSBsPublic Sector Banks
PSEPublic Sector Enterprises
PSS ActPayment & Settlement Systems Act
PSUsPublic Sector Undertakings
PUCPaid Up Capital
QCBSQuality and Cost Based Selection
QIBQualified Institutional Buyer
QIPQualified Institutional Placement
QMSQuality Management System
QRRQuick Review Report
R&DResearch & Development
RBIReserve Bank of India
RBIARisk Based Internal Audit
RBSCReserve Bank Staff College
RCCRegional Complaints Committee
RCsReconstruction Companies
RCSRegistar of Co-operative Societies
RDRevenue Deficit
RDBMSRelational Database Management     System
RERevenue Expenditure
RERevised Estimates
RECRural Electrification Corporation
REERReal Effective Exchange Rate
REGPRural Employment Generation Programme
RFCResidents Foreign Currency
RIBResurgent India Bonds
RIDFRural Infrastructure Development Fund
RKVYRashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana
RLARecoveries of Loans & Advances
RLCRepayment of Loans to Centre
RMBRenminbi (Chinese)
RNBCResiduary Non-Banking Companies
RNCPSRedeemable Non-Cumulative Preference Shares
RORegional Office
RoAReturn on Assets
RoCsRegistrars of Companies
ROEReturn on Equity
ROSCReport on Observance of Standards and Codes
RPARupee Payment Area
RPCDRural Planning and Credit Department, RBI
RRRevenue Receipts
RRBRegional Rural Bank
RRBsRegional Rural Banks
RTGSReal Time Gross Settlement
RTIRight to Information
RTPReserve Tranche Position
RTPReserve Tranche Position
RUFRevolving Underwriting Facility
RWARisk Weighted Asset
SAARCSouth Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
SACPsSpecial Agricultural Credit Plans
SADSingle Administrative Document
SAMSocial Accounting Matrix
SAMISService Area Monitoring and Information System
SAPState Agricultural Plan
SARFAESISecuritisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest
SASStatistical Analysis System
SCARDBState Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
SCBState Cooperative Bank
SCBScheduled Commercial Bank
SCSSize Class Strata
SCsSecuritisation Companies
SDDSSpecial Data Dissemination Standards
SDLsState Development Loans
SDRSpecial Drawing Right
SDRSpecial Drawing Rights
SEBISecurities and Exchange Board of India
SEBsState Electricity Boards
SEZsSpecial Economic Zones
SFCState Financial Corporation
SFCsState Finance Corporations
SFMSStructured Financial Messaging System
SFURTIScheme for Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries
SGLSubsidiary General Ledger
SGSYSwarnajayanthi Gram Swarrojgar     Yojana
SHGsSelf Help Groups
SISPA Systems Improvement Scheme under Special Project Agriculture
SIDBISmall Industries Development Bank of India
SIDCState Industrial Development Corporation
SIFISystemically Important Financial Intermediaries
SIPSSystemically Important Payment System
SITPScheme for Integrated Textile Parks
SIVsStructured Investment Vehicles
SJSRYSwarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana
SLA(IC)Sundry Liabilities Account (Interest Capitalisation)
SLAFSecond Liquidity Adjustment Facility
SLBSecurities Lending and Borrowing
SLBCState Level Bankers- Committee
SLRStatutory Liquidity Ratio
SLRSScheme for Liberation & Rehabilitation of Scavangers
SMEsSmall and Medium Enterprises
SMGStanding Monitoring Group
SMOSpecial Market Operations
SNASystem of National Accounts
SPMCILSecurity Printing and Minting Corporation of India Ltd.
SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle
SREPSupervisory Review and Evaluation Process
SRMSSelf Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavangers
SRWTOSmall road & Water Transport Operators
SSISmall Scale Industries
SSSSecurities Settlement System
SSSBEsSmall Scale Service & Business    Enterprises
StCBState Co-operative Bank
STCRCShort-Term Co-operative Rural Credit
STOsState Treasury Offices
STRSuspicious Transaction Report
STRIPSSeparate Trading for Registered Interest and Principal of Securities
SWGSecond Working Group on Money    Supply
TACTechnical Advisory Committee
TAFCUBsTask Force for Urban Co-operative Banks
TAGTechnical Advisory Group
TALFTerm Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility
TBsTreasury Bills
TCTemporary Change
TFCTwelfth Finance Commission
TFCITourism Finance Corporation of India
TFPTotal Factor Productivity
TFTSTrade for Trade Settlement
TINTax Information Network
TMSMTraining Methods and Skills for Managers
TMTThermo Mechanically Treated
ToRsTerms of References
TSTrend Stationary
TTTelegraphic Transfer
TUFSTechnology Upgraded Fund Scheme
UBBUniform Balance Book
UBDUrban Banks Department
UCBUrban Cooperative Bank
UCBsUrban Cooperative Banks
UCNUniform Code Number
UCNsUniform Code Numbers
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNICOUmbrella Organisation for Large Cooperative Banks in Europe
UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Organisation
UNMEUrban Non-Manual Employees
USUnited States
USDUS Dollars
UTIUnit Trust of India
UTsUnion Territories
VARVector Autoregression
VaRValue at Risk
VCVenture Capital
VPNVirtual Private Network
WADRWeighted Average Discount Rate
WEOWorld Economic Outlook
WGMSWorking Group on Money Supply: Analytics and Methodology of Compilation
WMAWays and Means Advances
WPIWholesale Price Index
WSSWeekly Statistical Supplement
WTOWorld Trade Organisation
XBRLeXtensible Business Reporting Language
XMLExtensible Markup Language
YTMYield to Maturity
ZOZonal Office
ZTCZonal Training Centre