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Posted by admin on January 10th, 2012
101 United States of America has the distinction of hosting the Summer Olympics as well as Winter Olympics an equal number of times. How many times has Unites States played host to each of the 2 events?
A) Twice
B) Three Times
C) Four Times
D) Fifth Time
102 44. Which is the first Indian bank to have been awarded the ISO certification?
A) Allahabad Bank
B) Punjab National Bank
C) State Bank of India
D) Canara Bank
103 NH-7 is the longest of the various highways in India How many states does it pass through?
A) Five
B) Seven
C) Six
D) Eight
104 Winning all four Grand Slam tournaments during a career is termed a Career Grand Slam. Who amongst the following playes has not won a Career Grand Slam.?
A) Pete Sampras
B)  Andre Agassi
C)  Rod Laver
D) Roger Federer
105 Who was the Chairman of the Planning Commission in 1978?
A) Morarji Desai
B) Charan Singh
C) Indira Gandhi
D) V P Singh
106 Which of the following is a function of the Estimates Committee of the Lok Sabha?
(A) It studies the estimates of different Ministries every year
(B) It reports what economies, improvements in organizations, efficiency and administrative reforms consistent with the policy underlying the estimates, may be effected
(C) It suggests alternative policies in order to bring about efficiency and economy in administration
(D) All of these
107 Which one of the following countries is a member of the Common wealth of Independent States?
(A) Croatia
(B) Poland
(C) Romania
(D) Turkmenistan
108 The constitution Bill regarding delinking of Religion from politics was
(A) 76th Amendment Bill
(B) 80th Amendment Bill
(C) 77th Amendment Bill
(D) 79th Amendment Bill
109 Wockhardt Ltd. Is a company dealing with
(A) Textiles
(B) Steel
(C) Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
 (D)Automobiles and Electronics
110 One would find twin Petronas Towers in
(A) Kuala Laumpur
(B)New York
(C) Melbourne


Answers will be published tomorrow…

One Response to “GK Quiz – 10 January 2012”

  1. Manas

    GK Quiz – 10 January 2012 Answers
    101 Ans) Four Times
    102 Ans) Canara Bank
    103 Ans) Seven
    104 Ans) Pete Sampras
    105 Ans) Morarji Desai
    106 Ans) All of these
    107 Ans) Turkmenistan
    108 Ans) 80th Amendment Bill
    109 Ans) Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
    110 Ans) Kuala Laumpur


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