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Posted by admin on March 19th, 2011
16 Holding of elections in the Panchayats is decided by?
  A) the Election Commission
  B) the State Government
  C) the District Magistrate
  D) the Union Government
17 In which part of the constitution are Emergency Provisions provided?
  A) Part XVIII
  B) Part XIX
  C) Part XX
  D) Part XXI
18 An Inter-state council was set up in 1990 under Article 263 of the constitution by the recommendation of  ?
  A) Sarkaria Commison
  B) Mandal Commission
  C) Nanavati Commission
  D) Kalelkar Commission
19 Which constitutional Amendment provides for reservation in admissions in private unaided institutions for members of scheduled castes/tribes and other backward classes?
  A) 92nd Constitutional Amendment
  B) 93rd Constitutional Amendment
  C) 91st Constitutional Amendment
  D) 90th Constitutional Amendment
20 With the enactment of 92nd Constitution Amendment) Act, 2003, how many Indian languages figure in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India?
  A) 21
  B) 18
  C) 22
  D) 19
21 In the Indian Constitution, opportunities for the development of scientific temper, humanism and spirit of inquiry and reform are found in the:
  A) Fundamental Rights
  B) Fundamental Duties
  C) Directive Principles of State Policy
  D) Preamble
22 Article 32 of constitution is related to
  A)Fundamental Duties
  B)Fundamental Rights
  C)Center state relation
23 How many schedules were there in original Constitution
24 Which of following can be abolished but not dissolved
  A)Rajya Sabha
  B)Muncipal bodies
  C)State legislative Council
  D)None of the Above
25 The draft of Five Year Plans in India is approved by the
  A)National Development Council
  B)Planning Commission
  C)National Productivity Council
  D)Minisrty of Finance
26 Under which constitutional amendment 30% seats in village panchyats have been reserved for women in India?
27 Which of the following is not related to the constitution?
  A) Lok Sabha
  B) Rajya Sabha
  C) President
  D) Planning Commission
28 Which article of the Indian Constitution provides special safeguards for the welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes?
  A) Article 339
  B) Article 312
  C) Article 289
  D) Article 316
29 When was the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution adopted?
  A) 1970
  B) 1972
  C) 1974
  D) 1976
30 Who elects the Vice President of India?
  A) Members of Parliament
  B) Members of Lok Sabha
  C) Only b
  D) Both a and b

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