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Posted by admin on March 16th, 2011


31 Which International organization has blacklisted Videocon for three years for allegedly indulging in Fraud and corrupt practices?
  A) WTO
  B) IMF
  C) WB
  D) ADB
32 Where is the oldest oil refinery in India located?
  A) Digboi
  B) Cochin
  C) Mathura
  D) Guwahati
33 Anushakti Vidhyut Nigam Ltd was incorporated as a joint venture between Nuclear power Corporation of India Ltd and ?
34 Which of the following companies Tata acquired is a domestic company?
  A) Corus
  B) Hispano Carrocera
  C) Jaguar Land Rover
  D) Trent
35 Which of the following has a 51:49 joint venture with Japanese automobile company Nissan for manufacturing light commercial vehicles in India?
  A) Tata Motors
  B) Ashok Leyland
  C) Mahindra and  Mahindra
  D) Bajaj Auto
36 Which Indian pharmaceutical company entered into a JV with the US’ Merck and  Co  to develop and manufacture generic medicines for the emerging markets?
  A) Dr. Reddy’s
  B) Sun Pharmaceutical
  C) Ranbaxy Laboratories
  D) Herbal India Phytochem
37 Which of the following companies signed an agreement to acquire Royal Dutch Shell’s Stanlow refinery?
  A) Essar Energy
  B) Clenergen Corporation
  C) Canadian Natural Resources Limited
  D) Reliance Industries
38 US-based International Paper decided to buy up to 75% stake in which of the Indian paper company?
  A) Abhinav Publications
  B) Vinod Paper House
  C) Ananda Paper House
  D) AP Paper Mills
39 Sistema Shyam Teleservices issued over 54.73-crore equity shares to which of the following governments at 17.14 per cent stake for USD600 million?
  A) Italian government
  B) US government
  C) Russian government
  D) Philippines government
40 Which of the following telecom tower makers launched a service centre in partnership with the government to provide necessary services in rural areas?
  A) Viom Networks
  B) Nokia Siemens Network
  C) ICC Limited
41 Who has been adjudged the best Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the year in the Best Treasurer category?
  A)YM Deosthalee
  B)Mohandas Pai
  C)A.M Naik
  D)Indrajit Banerjee
42 Bharti Airtel has inked a 10-year contract to which of the following tech giants for providing IT solutions to its employees in 16 countries in Africa.
43 Which of the following Indian IT companies signed a USD 85 million partnership agreement with Georgia-based media company Morris Communications to jointly offer IT and BPO services in North America?
  A)Infosys Technologies Ltd.
  B)IBM-Global Services India Pvt. Ltd.
  C)Hewlett Packard India Ltd.
  D)NIIT Technologies
44 A US-based IT company, Computer Science Corporation (CSC) has appointed whom as the head of a new business unit focused on Indian domestic customers?
  A)Ajay Chandra
  B)Narendra Nayak
  C)Minoti Bahri
  D)Ravinder Singhania
45 Which of the following Bollywood stars has acquired 26% strategic stake in the Indian franchise of KidZania, an international chain of family entertainment centres?
  A)Salman Khan
  B)Aamir Khan
  C)Shah Rukh Khan
  D)Amitabh Bachchan




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