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Current affairs International -2-3 december 2016

Posted by Arup on December 3rd, 2016

1. The International day for Disabilities is being observed on 3rd December to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities since 1992. The theme for this year’s International Day is “Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want”.


2. Mercedez Formula One driver Nico Rosberg won the F1 world championship of 2016, his first. Immediately after that he stunned the Formula 1 world by announcing his retirement. He will leave with a record of 23 wins in 206 races also the first German driver to win the Formula One championship in a German car.


3. Sprint king Usain Bolt won an unprecedented sixth IAAF male Athlete of the Year award while Ethiopian Almaz Ayana won the female award after her record-setting 10,000m gold in Rio.

4. China and Pakistan has launched a direct rail and sea freight service with the first Cargo train departing from China’s south western Yunnan Province.

5. Chemistry’s highest gatekeepers have accepted the newly proposed names for elements 113 (Nehonium), 115 (Moscovium), 117 (Tennessine) and 118(Ognesson).

6. Singer Kety Perry has honored with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award for her work as UNICEF goodwill Ambassador.

7. Yoga, India’s one of the ancient practices to keep oneself healthy has been inscribed on UNICEF’s Representative list as the Intangible cultural Heritage of Humanity.

8. Construction on world’s first full-sized replica of Titanic has started at China.

9. A 16-year-old Indian environmental activist Kehkashan Basu has won this year’s prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize for her fight for climate justice and combating environmental degradation.


Current Affairs India – 2-3 December 2016

Posted by Arup on December 3rd, 2016

1. India International Science festival 2016 will be started on 7th December in New Delhi.

2. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasserbin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar has arrived in New Delhi on a two day visit to India.

3. The 10 day long Hornbill Festival has begun at the Naga Heritage Village Kisama.

4. Team Indus, a private aerospace startup company is planning to send a spacecraft to the moon abord an Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) rocket.

5. Senior bureaucrat Praveen Mahajan has appointed as the President of the All India Tennis Association (AITA).

6. Hubbali based Aissel Technologies has been chosen winner in the startup Karnataka Tech 25 award 2016.

7. The 6th Heart of Asia ministerial conference begins at Amritsar in Punjab today. The conference will discuss peace, co-operation and economic development in Afghanistan.

8. The Indian Football Federation has won the Asian Football Council’s Developing Member Association of the year award in Abu Dhabi.

9. P V sindhu has jumped two places to achieve her carrier best seventh position in the latest ranking of World badminton Federation.

10. Shri Ram Gajamgunde, Marathi film maker and actor has passed away at the age of 71.

11. Legendary poet and activist Makkalpavalar Inkulab has passed away.


Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 11

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
101 Mumbai’s Western Railways women’s team won the 33rd Indian Oil Servo Surjit Hockey Tournament after defeating _____________ in the final match.
  A) Panjab XI
  B) Rajasthan XI
  C) Haryana XI
  D) Hydrabad XI
102 World Pneumonia day is observed on __________________. Theme of year 2016 is “Keep the Promise, Stop Pneumonia Now”.
  A) 28th November
  B) 12th November
  C) 22th November
  D) 20th November

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Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 10

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
91 California’s Attorney General ____________________ became the first India-American to win the U.S. Senate seat from the state after defeating her won party member Loretta Sanchez.
  A) Kula Segaran
  B) Kamala Harris
  C) Devaki Krishnan
  D) Gaffar Ahmed
92 Legendary Canadian poet and singer novelist ___________________ has passed away at the age of 82.
  A) Leonard Cohen
  B) Christian Bök
  C) Carol Bolt
  D) Monique Bosco

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Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 9

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
81 Padmashri _________________ has been awarded with Kalidas Samman in Ujjain.
  A) Kamal Kishore Goyanka
  B) Prof Rajbisaria
  C) Prabhu Nath Dwivedi
  D) MYS Prasad
82 Direct tax collection have soared over ____________ during April-October period of 2016-17 of current financial year.
  A) 5%
  B) 10%
  C) 12%
  D) 20%

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Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 8

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
71 ________________ has become the first Indian to be elected the President of the International Hockey Federation.
  A) Kelly Fairweather
  B) Dinshaw Wacha
  C) Narinder Batra
  D) Ahmed Patel
72 Indian Women’s Carrom team has won the Gold Medal at seventh World Carrom Championship after defeating _____________ held in Birmingham (UK).
  A) China women’s carrom team
  B) Sri Lanka team
  C) Bangaladesh team
  D) Malayasia

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Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 7

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
61 Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matriva Abhiyan to provide free health check-ups to __________________ at government health centers and hospital has been launched.
  A) Old Women
  B) pregnant women
  C) Widow Women
  D) Married Womem
62 The new managing director and CEO of Bank of Baroda is________.
  A) Ratness Kumar
  B) Dinesh kumar Khara
  C) B.Sriram
  D) Rajnish Kumar

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Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 6

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
51 The newly appointed managing director and CEO of Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security interest of India is___________________.
  A) Prakash Sharma
  B) Praveen Yadav
  C) Praveen kumar Sharma
  D) Pradip Gupta
52 ______________ has become the first firm to get debt recast uder RBI’s new scheme for sustainable structuring of stressed Assets (S4A).
  A) Parsvnath Developers
  B) Unitec
  C) Kingfisher Airlines
  D) Hindustan Construction company

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Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 5

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
41 The new ambassador of Switzerland Tourism is _______________________.
  A) Ranveer Singh
  B) Amir Khan
  C) Amitabh Bachhan
  D) Ranveer Kapoor
42 The_____________________ team has won the Asian Champions Trophy Title held in Singapore. after defeating China by 2-1 in the final match.
  A) Indian Women’s Cricket
  B)  Indian Women’s Hockey
  C) Indian Women’s Football
  D) Indian Women’s Badminton

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Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz – 4

Posted by Manas on December 3rd, 2016
31 GST Council approved a 4 tire GST Tax structure of 5%, 12%, 18%, _____________________, with lower rates for essential items and highest for luxury.
  B) 38%
  C) 28%
  D) 25%
32 The centre, along with State run Power entities NTPC, REC, PFC will launch a USD 2 Billion clean energy equity fund to support ambitious target of government of adding __________________ GW renewable energy generation capacity by 2022.
  A) 172
  B) 195
  C) 175
  D) 155

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